Wednesday's Rock, Grace Maryanka


A Monument of Wonders associates Wednesdays with a state of awareness referred to as “style." Every culture, every individual, connects its inward state of being with an outward expression: its style. Style can be conceived of as that indefinable, but recognizable “strange attractor,” which acts as a gravitational barycenter around which the world perceptible to the senses and the inner world of the imagination revolve. Style determines the shape and form of language, clothing, habits, love and worship. It determines what is cherished and what is rejected. Syle is the spirit made manifest as history and biography.


Wednesdays are primarily focused on the activities of Grace Maryanka, a prima ballerina assoluta of the famous Ballets Russes. Her story begins in Paris just prior to World War I, and traverses a time vector from circa 1910 to circa 1939. As do all the characters of the Monument, Grace dances in and out of historical time and eternity and interacts with characters and animals in other time and space vectors.


Wednesdays’ themes elaborate the stylistic influences of art, literature, fairy tales, theater, religion and politics upon consciousness and history. Its metaphors and narratives cover such subjects as Proust and the Remembrance of Things Past, Tolstoy, Lenin and the Russian Revolution, materialism as a style of history, spiritual development through role-playing, artistic discipline, femininity and grace.