Tuesday's Rock, Serenity Pitt, the Zen Master


A Monument of Wonders associates Tuesdays with a state of awareness referred to as "practicality."  This is a dynamic in which often conflicting and spiritual forces — based loosely on the question: How should we live? — orbit one another within the consciousness of the individual and the group.


Tuesdays in the Monument is often associated with a Quaker family in the mid 1760s in Philadelphia and another Philadelphia family the late 1980s Reagan era. Characters from other times and places, primarily those from the Thursday sections of the Monument, also traverse the vector.


Tuesdays elaborate many themes: the theme of slavery and personal and collective freedom, the theme of spiritual practice and the actions arising as a result of spiritual insight, the theme of establishing harmonious, non-exploitive relationships among human beings and animals, the theme of alternative states of consciousness, the theme of doubt, trust and faith, the theme of the culture’s exclusion or intolerance of those with different beliefs or of different races, the theme of individual and community health and healing, the theme of the perpetual riddle, as exemplified in the Zen Koan, the theme of practical spiritual guidance and life mastery through compassion and stillness.