Thursday’s Rock, Giles Nagual


A Monument of Wonders associates Thursdays with a state of awareness referred to as “magic,” magic being the linguistic reality manipulations, which pop events, objects and ideals out of the quantum flux. Magic selects reality from the whirl of rejected possibilities, creating through affinity rather than through cause and effect.


Many of the Thursdays in the Monument take place in the Sonoran Desert and various places around Arizona: Sedona, Scottsdale, and the greater Phoenix environs. The time vectors are eternity and the late Reagan early Bush frere years. Yet, as in every section of the Monument, Thursday’s implicate fractal reflections are also seen in other places and eras.


Themes elaborated on Thursdays include the spiritual Nagual, shape-shifting, New Age beliefs and technology, DMT intoxication, alternative states of awareness, the Kabbala, ritual magic, love, imagination and journaling as a spiritual practice, astral travel, the desert as place, metaphor, and spiritual entity, rightwing politics, National Socialism, sado-masochism, and divine love.