The Interregnum


In A Monument of Wonders, the days of the week are both divided and sutured together by a state of timelessness referred to as “The Interregnum.” This period is ironically the surface timeline of the Monument, specifically, the year between October 27th, 2000 and October 27th, 2001. Historically, this is a tipping or choice point period in American and world history. The Interregnum begins just before the usurpation of power by George W. Bush and the neo-con fundamentalists and continues until just after the attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent, pre-planned decision to involve the country and the world in an Orwellian state of perpetual war. The Interregnum chronicles the fictionalized life of the author, Roy Dean Doughty, as he creates or channels A Monument of Wonders, through an Awareness Exercise called “Rock Gazing”.


The cipher, the intercalary drifts of unstable celestial bodies, the Fool in the Tarot, the constant disruption of time by timelessness, the comic boiling out of the intensely tragic, the nobody who embodies the lives of everyone, precisely because of his hopelessness — these are the states of awareness made luminous or obscure in The Interregnum.


Included among the many themes elaborated in The Interregnum are 9/11 conspiracy theories, turn of the century clashes of Christian, capitalist and Islamic fundamentalism, the influence of pets and other animals in our lives, the barbarities of meat production, the world grid and ley lines, Mayan Calendar predictions, the world’s oil and meat addictions, destructive franchising, brainless intelligence, avatars famous and unknown — Paramahansa Yogananda’s self-realization and Sri Amma Bhagavan's Oneness movement —  consumerism, lotteries, murder and violence, bias in the criminal justice system, the influence of television on collective perception, the eusocial nature of ants and the anti-social cultures of humans, nuclear holocaust, the Rothko Chapel, racism, refugees, and the fluidic nature of time and identity.


The locales are primarily Houston, Texas, Sedona and the greater Phoenix areas of Arizona, Berkeley, California and New York City. The Interregnum is the seed of eternity, which is always blossoming into a Golden Age.